Wolf-sized Wolfwoman

Large-scale Winterland print (45″ x 30″)

WolfWoman (when was your first time?) – Artistic Statement

Most of my work is collaborative as a filmmaker and cinematographer. Winterland is my first venture as an illustrator as I wanted to make something 2D for a change. It became a 145 page graphic novel from a story by Alaskan author Kathleen Bryson (Mush, Girl on a Stick). I worked on a computer with a graphics tablet.

‘Wolfwoman’ is on page 72, a point by which time I felt I knew and understood the main character Jocelyn. In her cramped and conventional life as a small town Alaskan housewife she feels frustrated and haunted. She suffers from PTSD after witnessing a murder as a child. Wolfwoman is one of my interpretations of this.

The prose that accompanies this illustration is about menstruating for the first time, how it disrupts the carefree life of a child but is an inevitable part of growing up. This combined, in Jocelyn’s case, with the constant reminder of witnessing blood let unnaturally by force yet having to proceed into adulthood and marriage as if nothing has happened at all.

Many of the Winterland images will remain book illustrations, though I believe ‘Wolfwoman’ works alone as a large-scale print. Making her life-sized makes her more human to me. She also represents isolation, secret thoughts and perceptions, which are recurring themes in my work.