Country Matters

Country Matters  

The age-old question: what do lesbians do out of bed? Mainstream TV channels commission lesbian documentaries with bed-hopping and bar-hopping drunken antics, but this documentary about a lesbian country-fair event held annually in a North London back-garden reveals that lesbians are actually making subversive chutneys and prizewinning pickles from Grandmother’s secret recipes.

Here we see definite proof that lesbians (and their friends) have irony as well as ironing skills, as they exhibit a finely tuned sense of Balmoral- and Women’s Institute-apparel, and as butches and femmes alike rustle up tasty apple pies, Goddess-themed baked-bread, controversial desserts, perfectly symmetrical English apples and a spot of age-appropriate Morris-dancing.

Co-directed with Kathleen Bryson.

Watch the full film on Vimeo.

dur: 10 min, format: HD, country of production: UK, year: 2012



I hadn’t touched a paintbrush in at least 5 years if not longer. Something clicked out of place 2 weekends ago and I turned out 5 canvases back to back. I guess it was just a novel experience not to be staring at a computer screen.

Asleep (oil on 20x25cm canvas)


Obtrusive Thoughts (Acrylic on 30x 40.5cm canvas)
Huskyhead (Acrylic on 30x 40.5cm canvas)

I also liked the progress of Huskyhead and Obtrusive Thoughts so I photographed them before they were finished in case I wanted to use the painting style in future work.

These 5 paintings (Huskyhead, Obtrusive Thoughts, Asleep, Staring, Grrrr) were donated Art Against Knives, a charity dedicated to tackling knife crime and violent gang culture through arts initiatives. All the proceeds from the sale of these paintings go to Art Against Knives. Contact them directly if you’d like to buy one.


Artistic Statement

‘Needle’ is an abstract painting created in a medium I understand well, that of the moving image. It also incorporates other elements that I like to use such as sound, as well as layering the sounds like layers of paint.

The idea behind Needle is seeing the world differently when affected by grief or a similar major emotional upheaval.

Though many people may experience the same loss, the pain experienced by this loss is completely individual and personal, sometimes secret in the amount of damage caused to the person feeling it.

I make films for various reasons; sometimes to tell a story, other times to relieve, express and explore my own anger or difficulty communicating with other people. Feelings of isolation and communication difficulties are common themes in my work.