Country Matters

Country Matters  

The age-old question: what do lesbians do out of bed? Mainstream TV channels commission lesbian documentaries with bed-hopping and bar-hopping drunken antics, but this documentary about a lesbian country-fair event held annually in a North London back-garden reveals that lesbians are actually making subversive chutneys and prizewinning pickles from Grandmother’s secret recipes.

Here we see definite proof that lesbians (and their friends) have irony as well as ironing skills, as they exhibit a finely tuned sense of Balmoral- and Women’s Institute-apparel, and as butches and femmes alike rustle up tasty apple pies, Goddess-themed baked-bread, controversial desserts, perfectly symmetrical English apples and a spot of age-appropriate Morris-dancing.

Co-directed with Kathleen Bryson.

Watch the full film on Vimeo.

dur: 10 min, format: HD, country of production: UK, year: 2012


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