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Winterland/ Terres d’Hiver

Winterland gets some Gallic treatment courtesy of French writer/translator Deborah Espect.



Laydeez do Comics London

I was guest blogger for ‘Laydeez do Comics London’ in May. It was fun and a great opportunity to work with pen on paper again for reasons other than doodling.

laydeez_may2013The speakers that evening were Rachael Ball – Author of ‘The Inflatable Woman’, Canan Marisligil – Translator, editor and  comics author and Isobel Williams who is currently working on a book called ‘Pearls and Pills’.

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and more about Laydeez do comics:

Cambridge Writers

This long-established creative writing group have just released their first collection of short stories. My cover design was inspired by the first draft that gets taken everywhere and receives all kinds of maltreatment.


Read more about Cambridge Writers.

Buy the collection

All proceeds from the sale of this publication will be donated to Talking Books for the blind.