My art on things

In the spirit of my collaboration with New Craft brand Jam Life London. I’ve started putting my art on things like:

Grrrr cushion

Grrrr on a cushion


Winterland miniatures


Laydeez do comics London, August 2013

Kathleen and me get immortalised in sketchbook form by artist Helen Blejerman as we presented Winterland to an audience at Laydeez do Comics last month.


A suspected murder in an Alaskan village; a house that has its history written on its walls; and a wolf with what seemed to be women’s parts. These are some of the things I saw that night.

 – o –

 Six o’clock had passed when I walked deep into the streets of London. I knew their meeting would happen in Charing Cross Road so I turned into Shaftesbury Avenue. Just before it started to get dark, I identified the building. Red neon letters. Foyles.

I had to understand the modus operandi of this group. I had to go unnoticed; I had to be an observer. I stubbed out the cigarette with my shoe and entered the place.

I walked between the rows of books. I saw Plato, Aristotle, ancient metaphysics scriptures, but also Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan – Where does the event take place? I asked a young…

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