It’s all noise


It’s all noise

‘It’s all noise’ is a film and sound collage about the fusion of the sounds of technology with nature. The collage technique was inspired by the term ‘Schizophonia’ the separation of a recorded sound from it’s original source.

dur: 9:20 min, format: various HD, mixed media, country of production: UK, year: 2014

First cut premiered at Teststrip: Sound and Silence on November 24th.

View extracts from the film here on Vimeo.


Tunnel Of Light


Tunnel Of Light

We hear the term natural light as from the sun or bioluminenscense as opposed to light produced by the action of humans; the striking of a match or the flicking of a switch. Dark, like noise, is around us everyday but unlike light all dark is natural just waiting for the sun to set or the lights to go out. In ‘Tunnel Of Light’ I have removed the source of the light (direct sunlight and flourescents) and created some ‘artificial dark’ in the editing suite leaving only the abstract shapes of natural light hitting surfaces and morphing and twisting along the interior of a moving structure.  It is only with the addition of a sound effect that we are able to give the shapes some context.

dur: 4:34 min, format: HD, live action and effects, country of production: UK, year: 2014

This film was produced to premiere at Teststrip: Sound and Silence film and performance event on November 24th.

Watch it on Vimeo.