Teststripfilms and co-curator Iffy Tillieu present ‘Need and Error’


Teststripfilms and co-curator Iffy Tillieu present

Private view – Monday 7th September 6-9pm

Open – Tuesday 8th September 12-3pm

APT Gallery

‘the road to hell is paved with good intentions’ stated
Bernard of Clairvaux in 1150, and unfazed by conformity Ac/Dc sung and scored with ‘Highway to Hell’ in 1979,

Could these have been early
warnings of the way we as humans strive for upward
economic mobility at all costs?.

20 artists working in UK and Belgium have been
invited to react on schemes developed by A.Maslow
and D.Alighieri – namely: the Pyramid of Needs and
Inferno- to ask questions on our contemporary
human condition, our needs as humans and our survival..

You can see the results in a first groupshow in
London which will be followed by a groupshow in
Brussels mid-October.


Art in Perpetuity Trust
Harold Wharf
6 Creekside
London SE8 4SA

Entry: Free

To view the progress of my work for this exhibition, check out this page of the sketchblog: