Recent Cinematography & Filmography


In post-production 2015 – Baked Alaska (feature) Dir: Kimmo Moykky

2014 – The Arthur Sleep Project (30 minute music film) Dir: Sam Harris


Fulness of life
2015 London, UK

It’s all noise
2014 London, UK
Film Collage

Tunnel Of Light
2014 London, UK
Experimental short film

Midnight Garden
2012 London, United Kingdom
Mixed-media music video

The Pig and the Hare
2012 Dungeness/London, United Kingdom
Mixed-media poetry film/music video

Country Matters
2011 London, United Kingdom

2011 London, United Kingdom
Experimental Short Film, mixed media

Candy Panic Attack – “What’s he got?”
2008 Halle, Germany
2D animated a music video.

Points of View
2008 Halle, Germany
Own project. 2D drawn, After Effects, Premiere.

Shutter Release
2008 Lodz, Poland
Own film 2D, Drawn and After Effects.

Animator/ layout artist
Studio Se-Ma-For
2007 Lodz, Poland
Production: Radostki


The Bathroom Mirror

The Bathroom Mirror

A silent film about a 6-year-old boy with autism taking his morning wash. This 3-minute piece is meant to illustrate how a mundane daily routine for most people can be fascinating and absorbing to someone who finds the outside world confusing and frightening. 

dur: 3:15min, format: Super8, country of production: UK, year: 1999/ re-edited in 2008 with credits added

Points of view


Points Of View

About a little girl who sees the world from a different angle. Much to the annoyance of her upright parents.

Music Score: Helen Robertson & Jessica Cheeseman

Sound Design: Christian Schunke

Watch the full film on Vimeo.

dur: 1.54 min format: drawn and after effects. HD. country of production: Germany year: 2008


What’s he got that I haven’t?

What’s he got that I haven’t?

Music video for the band Candy Panic Attack, inspired by comic books.

Animation/Production – Jessica Cheeseman, Original artwork – David Garrett. dur: 1.35 min format: drawn and after effects. HD. countries of production: Germany, UK year: 2008

Shutter Release


Shutter Release

At the photolab, days are long, business is bad and the boss is frustrated. She relieves this by taunting K, who operates the photo printer. Unable to retaliate for fear of losing his job, K suffers in silence. Over time however, K’s suppressed emotions and desires are expressed through the images in the developing photographs.

Cast/Voice Talent: Radek Mirski, Cynthia Lucci, Chris Cheeseman, Helen Robertson

Music Score: ‘Epicure’ by Cynthia Lucci

dur: 8.35 min format: drawn and after effects countries of production: Poland, UK year: 2008

Previous Events, Screenings (selection) & Awards

Teststrip at the Museum gallery, ‘Collections’ curated by Seeta Muller and Martin Lytke, Leipzig Germany
Teststrip at Deptford Cinema, ‘Collections’ curated by Seeta Muller and Martin Lytke, London UK
Papay Gyro Nights / Videotage, Hong Kong, China
Papay Gyro Nights, ‘Ocean’, Papa Westray, Orkney UK
Teststrip at the Zsenne Art Lab, ‘Need and Error’ curated by Seeta Muller and Iffy Tillieu, Brussels Belgium
Teststrip at the APT Gallery, ‘Need and Error’ curated by Seeta Muller and Iffy Tillieu, London UK
Teststrip at Fringe Arts Bath, ‘Magic Lantern’ curated by Seeta Muller, Bath UK
Teststrip at the APT Gallery, ‘Sound and Silence’ curated by Seeta Muller, London UK
Wotever Queer Film Festival, London UK
Amwell Print Fair, Group Exhibition at The Printer Of Dreams, London UK
‘Nunhead Art Trail and Appetite Festival curated by Nun Pop, London UK
‘The Village Hall Experience’ Group Exhibition curated by Nun Pop, The Elephant and the Nun Festival, London UK
Teststrip at the APT Gallery, ‘Pick N Mix’ curated by Seeta Muller, London UK
Exploding Cinema, London UK
Winterland presentation with Kathleen Bryson at Laydeez do Comics, Foyles, London UK
Ritzy New Stories, Ritzy cinema centenary weekend, London UK
Teststrip at the APT Gallery, ‘Folklore’ curated by Seeta Muller, London UK
Bideodromo finalist works at BilbaoArte, Bilbao Spain
Bideodromo: international experimental film and video festival, Bilbao Spain
It’s a phase, Brighton UK
Australian International Experimental Film Festival, ‘Texting the image’ programme, Melbourne Australia
Needle – Finalist – Bideodromo International Experimental Film and Video Festival
Underwire Film Festival, ‘Looking Glass’ Programme, London UK
Kunstfestival Begehungen, Chemnitz Germany
Anirmau I Festival Didactico Animacion, Multimedia Competition, Lalin Spain
Candid Projection Room 2010 Retrospective, Candid Arts, London UK
Cambridge Super 8 film festival, Cambridge UK
Picture This…International Disability Film Festival, Calgary Canada
NeedleNominated ‘Best Cinematography’ – Underwire Film Festival
Points of ViewSpecial Mention ‘Best Educational Short Film’ – Anirmau Didactic Animation Film Festival
‘MDR’ television channel , ‘Unicato’ programme, broadcast in Germany
Tindirindis Animation Festival, Crossings and Balance Competition, Vilnius Lithuania
Angel Moving Image Festival, Candid Arts, London UK
Shoot-Me Film Festival, The Hague Holland
Ladyfest Berlin, Germany
Filmfest Dresden, Shortcuts Programme, Dresden Germany
AMSEL & Shrinkfish Media, International Women’s Day Screening, Lagos Nigeria
Points of View Special Mention ‘Unique Approach’ – Tindirindus Animation Festival
Gfest Arts Festival, London UK
A million different loves!? Festiwal Filmow Queer, On tour in Poland